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Thinking about becoming a vegan??

Vegans Are Deficient in Many Important Nutrients

"Vegans are deficient in many important nutrients, including Vitamin B12 and Creatine. Studies show that vegans have much lower testosterone levels than their meat-eating counterparts." <—-Yikes!!!

There Are No Studies Showing That They’re Better Than Other Diets

"In another study of 10,000 individuals, where both the vegetarians and non-vegetarians were health conscious, there was no difference in mortality between groups.” 

 Proponents of Vegan Diets Use Lies and Fear Mongering to Promote Their Cause

"Vegan proponents often use fear mongering and scare tactics in order to convince people not to eat animal foods. They frequently cite The China Study as evidence, which has been thoroughly debunked."

Vegan Diets May Work in The Short Term, For Other Reasons

"Vegan diets also recommend that people shun added sugar, refined carbohydrates, vegetable oils and trans fats. This is probably the reason for any health benefits, not the removal of unprocessed animal foods."

There is NO Health Reason to Completely Avoid Animal Foods

"Even though processed meat causes harm, which is supported by many studies, the same does NOT apply to natural, unprocessed meat."

If this diet works for you, great! But don’t use fear tactics and bash others for the way they eat because it differs from your “way of life”

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